SwayGG's motto is Dedication, Loyalty, Heart, and Becoming Family. We are committed to having a professional gaming organization from players to designers to content creators to management and everything in between. If you believe you have the mindset as a gamer, artist, communicator, or manager, then Sway is the place to you.



Sway is made up of 5 different categories: Management, Staff, Competitive Players, Content Producers, and Public Players. Listed below is how we see each person - 

  • Management - Made up of upper roles which include Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Business Officer (CBO), Chief Design Officer (CDO), Chief Creative Director (CDO), Editor in Chief (EIC), General Manager(s), Social Media Manager(s), Sponsor Representatives and Website Managers. These roles typically include "Chief" positions and any position that deals directly with the well being of Sway.


  • Staff - Made up of under management which includes, Charity Director(s), Team Manager(s), Content Director(s), consists of members who support the needs of management and operation of the organization. This category includes graphics designers, staff writers, dedicated streamers, and support personnel.


  • Content Creators - Made up of YouTubers, Streamers, Journalists, Designers, and Website Editors. These people often come up with different content to produce on official Sway YouTube/Twitch channels or personal channels which represent Sway as well. Journalists are expected to professional write ups/articles for the Sway website or any other Sway approved media. Designers do different graphics for either social media, content, or websites. Lastly Website Editors help to make sure that our website is kept up to par and making sure that rules of the Sway site are abided by.


  • Competitive PlayersMade up of players who compete on a professional level. These are represented by our team leaders and members in any of our listed games. 


  • Public Players - Made up of all the members of Sway. These are out foundation members who are our casual playing, supportive, and "family" members of Sway who generally play any game across any platform (PC, Xbox, or Playstation), while repping the Sway name.



The following are our current openings, listed by category:


Management -  


C.O.O. - Chief Operating Officer

Position involves - Helping to run Sway with day to day operations. Personal in this position are under the C.E.O and help with financials, making decisions that effect the organization, look over and watching other management as well as players in the organization, and lastly anything that the C.E.O's need. (3 of 3 open)


C.B.O - Chief Business Officer

Position Involves - Assisting with running day to day operations with Sway. Manage over several different positions including, but not limited to, website, human resources, public relations, social media, and marketing. This person assists with anything that upper management may need in regards to these positions and relays them to the appropriate staff member(s). Reports to C.E.O and C.O.O


C.D.O - Chief Design Officer

Position Involves - Keeping up with design team and making sure things are caught up with. Helps lead designer with scheduling and making sure designs are put out on time. May do designs for the SwayGG twitter if needed. Lead designer and designers report to this position. Reports to C.E.O and C.O.O.


Youtube Director

Position Involves - This position is to manage the YouTube team and the members within it. Being responsible for planning content for our Youtube channel and finding new members to join and create content. Set up each member to our YouTube channel and have them post at least once a week. This person also will update upper management on the status of the members of the YouTube team. Reports to C.C.O


Social Media Manager

Position involves - Retweeting and tweeting off the SwayGG twitter regarding any news from teams, players, or management. Able to look through multiple notifications and DMs and send any DMs to the proper management. Tweet out any team involvement in tournaments (Online or LAN) and follow any other Sway event. MUST BE ABLE TO USE TWEETDECK! Reports to C.B.O (3 of 3 open)


General Manager(s)

Position Involves - Being responsible for effective planning, delegating, coordinating, staffing, and decision making in Sway. Break down for each section - Planning for events, Delegating responsibilities to other managers, Coordinating events such as charity streams, staffing managers under said position, and helping with decisions made in Sway. Reports to Chief Operating Officer. (3 of 3 open)


Community Manager(s)

Position involves - The duties of a community manager would be to make sure we have people recruiting to bring in new faces into Sway. The community manager would be looking over and dealing with his/her own team of staff. These staff are recruitment staff, Per Game Division Staff, and whatever other positions they chose to make. The game division staff are made as time goes on. Also, they help to organize game nights and potential things to do for the community. Reports to General Manager


Marketing Manager

Position involves - Identifying new partners for Sway and providing them a background of Sway with information on how a partnership will benefit both parties. Talk with existing partners on improving the relationship and identifying new ways both parties can benefit. Applicant must write in a professional manner and be able to type documents to present to new and existing partners. Position will report to C.B.O



Lead Designer

Position includes - Managing design team to player and team requests as well as requests from upper management for the SwayGG twitter. Setting up meetings and being able to manage all requests and communicate to management anything that may be needed. Reports to C.D.O


Lead Video Editor

Position includes - Providing support for YouTube team edits and assists YouTube Director with scheduling. This position can be filled by YouTube Director if possible. Reports to C.C.O


Writing Editor in Chief

Position involves - Managing new writing content for our website. This person will provide new content on our website and assist with bringing in other writers to bring individual content. Reports to C.E.O and C.O.O




Charity Event Director

Position Involves - Creating charity events within Sway and other companies. Working to make events to help benefit different charities and helps to promote them. They work with the Sway YouTube Directors, Twitch Directors, Designers, and more to make the best out of charity streams or videos. Reports to C.B.O



Content Producers  - 

There are currently 5 named opening positions for Content Producers. Positions have multiple openings.



Position Involves - Collecting information on different games, teams within Sway, and other information to then write articles on the Sway website to publish for members and viewers. This position works under the Editor In Chief, going about what is needed. They also present work to the E.I.C. before publishing. Position is open to new and old writers.


Content Creators - YouTubers

Position Involves - Creating content based on any game or type to be uploaded to YouTube. Said position is obligated to make content for both themselves on their own channel as well as on the YouTube Sway Gaming channel either solo or collaborating with other YouTubers. Content creators must schedule at least 1 video a week, in coordination with the Youtube Director(s) on the SwayGG Youtube channel. Content must have commentary and a minimum of 5 videos must be on the channel prior to the interview process. This position works with its respected C.C.O. and manager. Position is open to new and old content creators.


Content Creators - Twitch

Position Involves - Creating content based on any game or type to be streamed on Twitch. Said position is obligated to make content for both themselves on their own channel as well as on the Sway Gaming twitch channel either solo or collaborating with other Twitch streamers. Streamers must stream off the SwayGG channel ( at least 4 hours a week. To stream off our channel you MUST have a capture card or stream through your PC. This position works with its respected C.C.O. and manager. Position is open to new and old content creators.


Graphic Designers

Position Involves - Creating graphic designs for members under the C.D.O. and in the Sway Studios team. Designers take upon requests from members off of the Sway Forums where designated and from the CEO(s), COO(s), CDO, and General Manager(s). This position works with its respected C.D.O and manager. Position is open to both new and veteran designers.


Video Editors

Position Involves - Creating edits for members under the C.C.D. and in the content creators team. Edits are take upon requests from members off of the Sway Forums where designated and from the CEO(s), COO(s), CDO, and General Manager(s). This position works with its respected C.D.O and manager. Position is open to both new and veteran editors.


Competitive Players

We are willing to consider teams for games we do not already have teams in. However, you must be a full team (unless its an individual esport) and you must submit a team resume to

Casual Players - 

This position is always open to recruitment. There is no set number of positions. 


We are also looking for Casual/Public Players

Just be you! We are looking for members to join the #SwayFam every day! No matter what you play and what console, Sway has its doors open for you! We currently have members on Ps4, Xbox 1, and PC playing a span of games like Call of Duty, Halo, Rainbow 6, Valorant, League of Legends, Smite, and MORE! 







 Remember! With all positions we do require interviewing the person that is applying to join! Make sure to fill out an application below (based on what postion you would like to apply as)

and completing the application to the best of your ability! 

For management applicants please apply here: Management application

For designer applicants (non-management) please apply here: Designer Application

 For content creators, community players, and all other applicants please apply here: Player Application

Thank you for your time in reading this and we wish you the best of luck in becoming apart of our family, the #SwayFam!